Wealth Management

We believe that experience and competence is crucial to successfully navigate the stock market. Our main focus is to diligently protect and sensibly grow our clients' assets. 

Our ever present defensive investment strategy is rooted in technical analysis using a diciplined strategy.  Simply put, our decisions of how much risk to take in the client portfolios is based upon the overall trends of the market. 

We see a lot of individual investors who buy stocks or bonds with no clue as to when or how they will sell in the event of turmoil.  The same goes for when they sell out of the market due to fear, they have no plan for when they will re-enter.  We believe it is imperative to have a definitive and disciplined plan on when to buy and sell each and every investment.  Furthermore, it is critical to remove emotions from affecting the disciplined strategy.  It is nice that we all have instant access to the news around the world but, unfortunately, it can work on one's psyche, causing an investor to be overly fearful or exuberant about their investments.  This normally leads to bad decision making.

Measuring and monitoring downside risk is primary, and our innovative capabilities in risk metrics are exceptional. By utilizing only top-of-peer funds across a broad range of asset categories and classes, incorporating alternatives where appropriate that don't correlate with the market, and by diligently applying strong exit-strategy when appropriate, we offer Wealth Management capacities that few firms can match.